D&D Mythic Odysseys of Theros

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Release date: July 21, 2020

Play Dungeons & Dragons in the Magic: The Gathering world of Theros—a realm shaped by the wrath of gods and the deeds of heroes, where champions vie for immortal favor and a place among legends.

  • Rise above the common throng with supernatural gifts, abilities that give you remarkable powers that set you on the path to legend.
  • Explore Theros as a satyr or leonin—mythic cat-like heroes from Magic: The Gathering. Mythic Odysseys of Theros introduces these races to fifth edition D&D for the first time.
  • Master new powers with Magic: The Gathering-inspired subclasses like the Bard’s College of Eloquence and the Paladin’s Oath of Heroism.
  • Encounter mythic monsters, creatures whose power and renown are such that their names are truly living myths.
  • Wield the weapons of the gods—five signature artifacts used by Theros's deities.


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